StrongWeb: POS Company Who Steals GPLed VIRCA Code


Excuse me while I use this bully pulpit to rant a bit. First, let me say that I don't really like the GPL and would rather not use it unless I really have to, HOWEVER, I respect the GPL. It's a license of a lot of good software and the Linux OS. As a developer and business person you have two choices: use GPLed code and release your changes/enhancements or don't. Period.

So I'm looking for an OSS J2ME-based IRC client that I can customize - GPL doesn't bother me in this instance because I'm not looking to enhance it or sell it, just customize it with a logo - and I first find this company named StrongWeb that claims to have developed a J2ME IRC client and a special server. It's interesting, but not open, so I continue on my Google search and what do I find? Yep, the original author named Vidar Holen who StrongWeb's product is based on - actually a total rip off of his GPLed code.

You can check out Vidar's site and see VIRCA here. At the top is a note: "If you've searched for IRC midlets, you might have noticed Swirc. This is a ripoff of Virca." The link points to a page where Vidar talks about how he discovered the theft and the email/letter he sent to the company without reply.

I just have to say a couple things: I have absolutely no proof, but I think that I'm 99% positive that Vidar got screwed. And check out Vidar's code, it's great. Hell of a job by an independant developer.

Secondly, StrongWeb: You're Scum. Go fucking develop your own code, morons, or at least give credit to the person who developed yours.

'nuff said.


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