Sunday Afternoon Nirvana

This afternoon was a bit of geek heaven. It's grey, damp and cold outside so there's little reason to feel that we need to be out in it, so the family just spent the day cozy and warm indoors. Around 4 or so, we found ourselves just in complete Sunday Afternoon Nirvana: my wife dozing on the couch and my son napping in his crib and I was lying on the floor with a big pillow grokking the Cocoon Developer's Handbook, John Coltrane playing softly on the stereo... Does life get any better than that?

Add to this that the time changed in Europe last night, so we're now hour ahead... which means that it's now 8:45 p.m. and it's still light out, though admittedly fading fast. Spring is here and in 6 weeks or so it'll be Summer. I think Summer in Spain is fantastic with long, hot days and during July and August, the city is so empty you can hear the birds chirping in the middle of a weekday.

Ahhhhh. If only every day could be Sunday afternoon.


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