Comments Feed and my choice of Aggregators

If you'd like to keep track of the comments on this blog, I've just created a new comments feed.

There's going to be bigger structural changes to this site *soon* so I'm not going to do much more or add this in as a permanent menu link... I just wanted it so I tweaked the copied/pasted the other RSS code and added it in for now. Share and Enjoy!

This must mean that I'm using an aggregator now after a year of holding out, no? Yep. The amazing, incredible, super-awesome nntp//rss. It's becoming a vital part of my life... It's simple, it works and it integrates seamlessly with Mozilla so I don't have to have any more apps than usual running on my desktop. It's just like email now, when something new comes in I notice it and go check it out. Perfect.

All news aggregators should integrate like this: seamlessly.


P.S. I've also added it to Mobi too... in case you read both these blogs. ;-)

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