Playing Hookie

At home today. It's not as relaxing as it would seem as I am actually sick and Alex is here. So I only get to nap when he naps and I've got this nasty deep-lung cough now, ugh. Ana's Mom is coming in a few hours to help take care of Alex and I might nap a bit more then.

Spain has this masochistic tendency when it comes to conveniences like soft tissue and cold medicines. There aren't any and they don't work. I've got some NyQuil in the cupboard, but I can't take that during the day as it would put me out like a light. Thus I'm pretty much suffering.

What is it with the Spanish that they don't have soft toilet paper or tissues? I mean no Charmin or Snuggles or Kleenex with Aloe or what not. Whywhywhywhy? Ugh.


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