The 3650 has arrived


I'm getting a bunch of IMs and messages from people who've just gotten their shiny new 3650s and all of them are wowwed. Not surprising... what does everyone think I've been ranting about for months now?!?! :-)

Jim's wife just got one on Sunday, and he's making a serious effort be nice and not grab it from her to play (poor guy). Him and a couple other people who I've talked to got a great deal from Vodafone UK by upgrading their old phones to the new one for only �120!!! That's a kick-ass deal. I just saw it being advertised here in Spain at PC City (not a mobile phone shop normally) for �450... and Christoph in Austria just paid about $250 for his.

Nice... these phones ROCK so hard. I must get a 3650 (or a P800) soon. My 4 megs on my 7650 is now looking ridiculously low - especially when I hear about the 64 meg MMC cards some places are throwing into the phone as well. 64 MEGS?!? What would I DO with all that? ;-) I'm sure I'd find something.

The great things about these phones is the sense of discovery - every time you delve a little deeper, you get a littel more. And for everyone who really liked their Palms, suddenly to have a color device with better resolution, more memory, sound, faster processor, internet connection, Bluetooth and more, it's mind blowing. I promise LOTS of Palm-converts to these phones. And remember, the 3650 is available GLOBALLY! For the first time all these Americans are getting their hands on tech that they've been reading about online for some time. This rules as well. I really think that Nokia has a winner on their hands.

And now that the geeks are discovering the phones, I can guarantee a land-rush of apps coming out soon. Awesome.

Shit. I better get moving...


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