Ooh, I better post something...

Not a good day. The J2ME jabber app I've been beating my head on was functionally complete this morning. I could do all the things I wanted to do with it using IBMs emulator from their IBM Websphere Studio Device Developer Edition. It's the only tool I could find that would let me "step through" the J2ME code and really sped up development. But now I'm stopped cold because the code I've written won't work on any other emulator nor on my phone.

It LOOKS like the Nokia may have a problem when it comes to listening to an input stream in a separate thread, that it just blocks. There might be some work arounds. 2 maybes after all day of banging my head against the wall.

And, oh, yeah: Nokia says that J2ME sockets aren't "supported" on the 7650, so any questions in their forums about it are quickly dismissed. How fucking IGNORANT is that? Get your head out of your asses, Nokia! The phone OBVIOUSLY supports sockets from Java, there are more than several applications I use on a daily basis that utilize them, developers are going to write code to use them, so get off your LAZY ASSES AND SUPPORT THEM. How hard is it? You've the manpower, simply put online CLEARLY and OPENLY: "This works, this doesn't work." We don't care if it's a 1/2 implemented spec or if UTF doesn't work, just SUPPORT YOUR HARDWARE and YOUR DEVELOPER COMMUNITY.

Okay, I'm a little tense, I admit. I may need some sun. But I'm thinking my next phone's a P800 for sure.


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