The 3650's MINE


Finally I have the 3650 in my grubby little hands. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

I paid full price for it, 449�. Yep, I'm somewhat insane but it's very, very important to get this phone. First, this is the device that's going to be everywhere soon - I would guess that within a month or two it will outnumber the 7650s which are almost a year old. Secondly, this is the only Symbian phone in the U.S. right now and I want to develop my project for that market as well as Europe.

And mostly, this phone is more than just a rev better than the 7650 in terms of functionality. The MMC card stores more apps and data, the video (both recorder and Real) are standard, the browser is XHTML, the Java is MIDP 1.0, but also includes standard Multimedia and Messaging (i.e. SMS) API support, and the camera takes better quality images. These items open up WORLDS of applications for the phone that just aren't available on my old phone.

I'm very, very excited. Both about the apps I just installed on my 7650 (Opera and the video recorder) and now my new phone. I've been waiting since before November last year to get my hands on it. And now with both phones I can start playing with Bluetooth apps and my wife (who inherits the 7650) and I can start sending MMS messages, chat, etc. Very cool.



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