Happy Moof Day!


Happy Birthday Moof! Whooohooo!

This is so great, I've been meaning to post the pic I took when I met Moof for lunch last week, and never got around to it. Also this great little vid of Giles introducing himself. We had a good time chatting over coffee at one of the local Starbucks before we roamed around the big department store nearby to fondle the PDAs, etc.

Moof's looking for a JOB by the way, since he's now no longer in Uni or traveling the world (he spent all "winter" in Australia, and now is spending his summer here at home in Spain - on Mallorca! Tough life, hey?), so if you're in Spain and need a dev-head, check out his site. I'm sure his resume is on there somewhere. (Right, Moof?)



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