Summer's here

It's HOT here in Madrid today. It's one of those days when you really start thinking about the air conditioning. We've had some other warm days, but today is just stifling with absolutely no wind. WONDERFUL!

Actually, it should cool down in just a bit - there's this massive afternoon thunderstorm on the way. We can smell the ozone and hear the thunder now. How summery is that? I hope it doesn't peter out before it gets here.

We have European air conditioning, which means that they are these little boxes that sit near the ceiling and are operated by remote control. They drip water down these tubes which don't empty anywhere and so in prior years we've had buckets in the corner of our two rooms to catch the water. However, we now have a toddling disaster wandering around now who would dump those buckets in a second. Thus... we have no idea what we're going to do about the AC this year. I'm going to try to find a way to buy some more tubing and put the bucket out on our window ledge... we'll see.

Mad dogs and Englishmen...


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