Weekend Wrapup

Well, my quarterly EuroCold arrived on schedule and after a quick check to make sure it wasn't SARS (no high-fever or chills), I've been spending the past couple of days sniffling, coughing and generally not having a wonderful time of it. Not a big deal though, I'm hoping it clears up tomorrow. Ana and Alex of course look to be completely unaffected by whatever virus is ravaging my system, of course. The joys of being an American in Europe.

The big thing in our lives right now is that Alex goes off to Nursery tomorrow for the first time. He's been in the hands of Ana or I or his Spanish grandmother since he's been born, but now that he's a year old and can toddle he's old enough to go to a nursery. We're not excited about it, but it will, in the long run, be better for him since he hasn't had any opportunities really to socialize with other children at all yet. Except for an hour at the park, and then only briefly, he's basically been all alone with us.

I actually considered staying home with him since I'm not "working" but I would go nuts. What do you DO with a one year old all day? Eat, sleep, play, repeat. I wouldn't get anything done except during his naps and even then there'd be too much stuff to do to prepare for when he wakes up (clean, prepare food, etc.). Anyways, it doesn't matter, he's going stir crazy in our little apartment already, it's not like we live in a big house with a back yard. Thus he's off to nursery starting tomorrow. We're starting off slow. He'll be with me in the mornings for his playtime, nap, and lunch. Then I'm bringing him over to the nursery around 2 p.m. and he'll spend the a few hours there (unless he's nuts, then I'll grab him early). Ana's meeting me for the big event. I expect many tears all around. Then Tuesday I get to do it again, but alone. Joy.

We already had our first round of tears last night as we took Alex to get his first haircut. We really sorta liked his longish hair, but his grandmother warned that other children might pull on it at the nursery so we decided it was time. My goodness what a show. He ended up with what could kindly be called an uneven buzz-cut, but in reality is more of a mullet than not. My son, redneck. I spent some time while he was hypnotized by the Telly Tubbies this morning to try to clean it up a bit with some safety scissors... not sure if I made it worse or better.

Other than that I've spent so much time in front of the computer lately that it was just too much. I've been getting diminishing returns on my efforts, so I spent the past few days doing as little as possible on my computer to recharge the batteries a bit. Well, I've been sick as well, so it worked out. I think that it worked as tonight I had the urge to blog again, which is nice.

My parent's just called in the middle of all this. My Mom reads my blog now regularly, but says she doesn't understand half of it. Hi Mom!


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