Home With the Kid

Alex, despite my original thoughts, has caught my cold. He spent ALL last night waking up screaming because he couldn't breathe because of a stuffy nose. Every half hour or so he'd wake us up and we'd have to grab him and put his head up so he could clear out the snot. We tried Vics and the mucus-sucker, but none of that worked... urgh. Long night.

Anyways, he's happy as a clam now running around the house like a little nutcase, but he's definitely tired as hell (you can see the little bags under his eyes) and mucus dripping, so he's staying home today from the nursery. This is bad from a "training" point of view, but good because it's not fun dropping him off at the nursery or picking him up (lots of tears). He'll have plenty of time to get used to it.

Beyond that the Mobitopia chat room is a phenomenal success with lots of regular readers dropping in and saying hello. I was in the room waaay too long yesterday, something like 14 hours (off and on). And the first thing I did this morning was connect and there were people in there already chatting. It's great! It's like having all your pals in a cafe downstairs and you can pop in any time you want for a chat or debate... Right this second it's the Palm buys Handspring news, but later who knows.

Alex likes Shin-Chan. I need to be very afraid, I think. "Soy un elefante! Soy un elefante!"


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