A year of the MiniBlog

Like I previously posted, I've been writing for a year now using my own software. I went from posting random shit, to using Radio for a month, then using Blogger for two and then finally whipping up a quick 1000 lines of ugly ass JSP code to produce my first version of the blog software that runs this site (and mobitopia) with all the bells and whistles.

MiniBlog went on to run some sites, be the basis for Neil Eyde's PersonalBlog (still going strong) and was the basis for other's hacking abilities as well. Not bad. It's not Blojsom, but it works.

After I started using my own code I then felt much freer to write regularly. No Geek's Guilt, no problems with Blogger and a lot more interaction through referrer logs and comments. The code that runs this site now is a much cleaner version, though its still 75% the same code at the heart of it... so it's still going strong.

As for my blogging, the urges are coming and going lately... I've been doing it for a year and it's made a measureable difference in my life, but I'm having one of those blogging crisis (brought on by the anniversary) where I ask myself *why* am I expending so much time on this blog. "I write because I must", is one quick answer. But now my weblog has become forever intwined with my professional life, my personal life and my future as a whole if you can believe it. It's taken on a life of its own.

It's fun, but scary sometimes.


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