It's July

July came and hit me like a rock upside the head. A sharp one. What happened to May again? And did we skip June or something this year because I don't remember it...

The nice thing about July is that vacations have started here in Madrid. There's a 50% drop in noise levels already, and going to pick up Alex from day-care is like a Sunday walk, with a lot less cars and people on the streets. It was a good thing I asked this morning about when the rest of the parents are coming to pick up their kids now because they close at 5 p.m. now instead of 8 p.m. I was pick Alex up around that time anyways, but now it's because that's when I *have* to pick him up.

This will continue for a while at this level, then August will hit, and man will it be quiet. A Sunday in Madrid in August is like a day in the country. No cars, you hear the birds chirping, etc. Completely still.

But anyways, I've gotten nothing done in two months and am amazed. Time should *not* be passing this quickly...

(Watch this space for the same lament at the beginning of August)


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