Bluetooth Cameras!


This is the new Concord Eye-Q Go Wireless digital camera featuring Bluetooth technology. Neato! I definitely want one of these bad boys. Well, actually, I just want the camera on my phone to get better, but still. The fact that this thing has Bluetooth is great. Why? Because maybe now the boneheads will get the idea and stop comparing Bluetooth and WiFi. They are *never* going to put WiFi in a cheap camera.

Today I was loading a new file on to my phone via Bluetooth. I just right-clicked the file and chose "Send To > Bluetooth Device > Russell's 3650" and it was transferred. The amusing thing is that until the phone beeped to tell me that the message was receieved, I wasn't sure where it was. :-)

Anyways, a camera like this combined with the Set Top photo viewer from Nokia (and soon a lot of others I'm sure) is really going to be big with a lot of families. Wires suck. Bluetooth is all about device to device... once you've tried it you want *everything* to work that way.



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