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Okay, so I've jumped back in to the Necho effort. I tried making comments and adding a bit at the beginning but it was *nuts* at first that I gave up and just monitored the RSS Feed for a while. For some reason it seems that things are calming down a bit now, and I added a few thoughts today. If I can get a handle on what's going on, I *love* hacking away at Wiki pages and refactoring and will start to see if I can help clean up the site a bit. It's the flip side of the urges that drive this weblog. Editing vs. Writing...

Here's the latest Necho example. It's not bad, but there's some debate right now over the use or over-use of attributes and I left a comment with my thoughts on this. (This is what got me back into the wiki - there was a massive flux on this page in the past few days). Attributes are incredibly abused and misused (look at OPML as a prime example), however there's *got* to be a way of noting the variations of the same data types without using so many elements. For example, Title/subtitle, weblog/homepage/email/etc., created/issued/modified, and more. To me, <date type="issued"> is much clearer than just <issued>. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I think that Necho as it is now is a bit too verbose.

The best thing I found browsing the site this morning is this weblog called Formerly Echo, which "follows the development of the syndication framework formerly known as Echo". Very very neat! That's much better than the RSS feed which is just noise. Very cool- subscribed now.

Good stuff.


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