Nokia Gets Edgy, Promotes Game-ROM Piracy


You gotta love this one. All this news about Nokia's buying of's assets (and launching the "N-Gage Arena") got me exploring the Nokia website and checking out the N-Gage minisite. That's where I found this page on Retro Gaming which has this wonderful quote near the end:

Retro Revival

In the late 1990s, retro games enjoyed a massive resurgence thanks to a piece of software called MAME (the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). MAME enabled you to play perfect versions of every arcade game ever on your computer. You can still get hold of it at, but the arcade companies have cracked down on licensing, so it is difficult to find the actual games (known as Roms). But why not delve around on the Web and see what you can find? You'll be amazed by how much joy going retro can bring you.

I wonder if Nokia realizes it's getting into the gaming business? I mean, I can get the idea they're trying to tap into the hard-core gaming market... but umm, does this seem right to anyone?

Excuse me, I'm going to "delve around on the Web" and see if I can find Laura Croft ROMs for my Nokia 3650. I'm sure I'll be amazed how much joy this will bring me.


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