Alex playing with his blocks

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I just took some more video of Alex playing with his blocks. He just learned how to stack the blocks all the way up until there's none left (we need to buy some more I think... :-) ).

I've tried to do this sort of things before - posting short bits of video, but with my video camera instead of my phone. I've got everything I need to do it, but it's a real pain in the ass. First I need to haul out the digital video camera (which isn't *that* big, but is compared to my phone), make sure it's recharged, make sure the video tape is both blank or fowarded to the end so I don't overwrite something else important. Then I take the video, if by this time the event I wanted to video hasn't passed which is usually the case. Then I have to find the Firewire cable and hook it up to my PC (which isn't the cool version with Firewire support already, so I need to use an extra PCMCIA card I bought for this), then rewind the video and copy it to my PC. Then, because it's *so* gargantic of video (1MB per *second*), I have to work it down to something that's small enough to post online, which isn't always easy.

Compare this to what I just did now: I grabbed my phone, recorded the video, copied it over to my machine via Bluetooth in 30 seconds, launched Helix Producer and converted it to something reasonable in another 30 seconds and posted it online. This is an astounding paradigm shift. Like weblogs made everyone a publisher, this technology is going to make everyone a broadcaster as well.

Very, very neat. Like I said before, I can't wait until this is a 1-click operation. Record and post.


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