GPRS Chess


James over at the MMSMemo discovered a new game for his 3650:

Ubiquitous online gaming is a revolution

I've just been playing chess on my Nokia 3650. But instead of playing 'against the computer' I was playing a real person, in Italy. I'm sure he didn't realise that I was wiping an Irish mist from my eyes as I made my breafast and it didn't matter. He may have been crusing down the Tiber for all I knew.

GPRS Chess is still a little rough around the edges, as you'd expect from a beta version (0.71B), but its good enough that you can appreciate the amazing opportunity for ubiquitous online gaming. With a PC I'm stuck to playing at a desk. With a GambeBoy I can only play against the microprocessor. With a Symbian/J2ME mobile phone I can play anyone anywhere and that's revolutionary.

And its exactly why the Nokia N-Gage will be a huge success!

This is *really* fantastic. I'm going to grab it now and try. Jock at Pocket-Monkey is also working on a bunch of multiplayer J2ME based games as well (which also integrate with applets and email) so it looks like this is just the beginning.

We're like the town criers, James and I... "HEY! LOOK! The revolution is here! Look! Look!" :-)


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