Back on the Regimen

Okay, so last year around this time I started the Atkins. It seems a long time ago. It worked out really well, actually, I went from around 104kg down to around 96kg in a little over a month. Of course over the past year I've gained it all back plus some. So it's back on the plan for me. I'm actually behind on this year's diet, since thanks to the wonders of blogging, I can see that I was Day 15 of my diet on this day last year. Time to get moving.

Last year was really easy, actually, to do the Atkins since I was working at Telefonica which had a serve-yourself cafeteria. This allowed me not to worry about cooking stuff every day, but just go in and choose the steaks, fish, burgers and salads without thinking about it. Being at home now is a lot more of a challenge since I'll be near "bad foods" all day.

Okay, so the plan is to jump into Induction over the next 2 weeks and see if I can shed some of this girth I've accumulated over the summer sitting on my ass in front of the computer every day. I'm also going to put together an excercise plan as well since my days are flexible I can go up to the public gym here, and it will most likely be *empty* which will be great for efficient excercise time. I'm thinking I can drop Alex off at Daycare in the morning, then pass by the Gym on the way back and get some running and weights in, then come back and work. It should work out.

By the way, I decided to get back on the Atkins while we were shopping this morning (we just got back) and wanted to remind myself of the list of things you can and can't eat. So of course, I whipped out my 3650, used Doris to hit the Atkins site and within 2 minutes was reading the list out loud to Ana as we wandered the aisles. Yes, indeed, I'm going on the first MobDiet. :-)


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