Welcome To September


It's September. I remember all those things I was going to have done by September (it's easy, they're all in my outline) and I'm amazed at how little I've gotten done. Oh well, I reset, and that was good. Now I'm being productive and those lost 3 months? Well, hey. That's life. Onward

Dropped Alex off at the nursury today. It was like a little torture chamber. He started crying as soon as he saw the green gate out front. By the time I brought him inside, I had to shout to the caregivers over the screams, sobs, cries and tantrums of every single child in there. My goodness. You see 95% of the people who were on vacation are now back and the activity in the street has picked up accordingly and all the parents have brought their kids back to daycare. The four weeks of constant attention, sun, fun, swimming pools, spoiling grandparents, etc. are now over and it's back to normal. Not one kid in there was happy about, I can tell you.

Lots planned for September. I'll be taking a trip to San Francisco at the end of the month or at the beginning of October. Hopefully I'll be able to arrange some interviews for the trip. I'll also be finishing up what I'm working on now and launching a site or 2. I also may be starting another project (its a secret, unless you hang around on #mobitopia a lot). We'll see how that goes as well.

It's in the mid 20s today. It's incredible how fast the weather changes here in Madrid. 3 weeks ago it was in the 40s, last week in the 30s, today in the 20s. In a couple weeks, we'll have to break out the jackets and long pants for sure. I put Alex in a sweater for trip over to the Nursury.

I guess if I'm heading back to San Francisco, I should get used to the cold again, hey? I've always liked San Ramon... I should look out there for a place instead. :-)


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