I'm looking at my stats, and it's amazing to me that 4000 unique IPs visit this site every day with around 10,000 page views. I've decided to test it, so here's a counter so we can all play:


It'll be interesting to see how many impressions a single post actually receives. After the first hit, the post will fall off the aggregators (theoretically) and then only really be called by browser page views. It should be interesting.


Later: 24 hours later, and the little counter says about 1500 hits. That means that roughly 1500 browsers rendered the post and downloaded the image. My logs, however, say that 3215 unique IPs visited my site and I got 8566 page views in that same time period. The difference in numbers is astounding, no? I knew the logs were wacky. Okay, so a good general rule of thumb is take your page views and divide them by 6 and that'll give you a good approximate number of the *real* number of times your post was viewed, cutting out all the cruft from aggressive aggregators and all that log-loading baloney.

See? I told you it'd be interesting. I'll be curious to see how it looks next week. -R

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