I Want It


Now is not the time, but I'm growing insanely more obsessed with the new Apple 15" PowerBook G4. This is the computer that I really want. When the 12" and 17" came out I was definitely interested, but thought "Noo. I'd much rather have the 15" incher, but in aluminum with Bluetooth..." And now it has arrived.

Actually, it arrived last week, but now more and more webloggers are receiving theirs in the mail (the bastards, all of them) and I'm seeing pics and getting more and more insane with jealousy. I really *want* that box.

But man, it's expensive. These guys must be made of money. $2500+ for a laptop? That's a serious premium over the $1200 I paid for this Toshiba. But then again, look what you get? At the current pace of things, I think the money situation will stabalize - no kidding - around February of next year, so it looks like I'll have to wait until then. But I really think it'll be a long while before the G5s appear in notebooks, so this is a good buy right now. (I think that's why everyone is rushing to buy right now.).

Man, that's a kick ass machine. Mac Eye-Candy with Unix Goodness below and top of the line industrial engineering. Lust. Lust. Lust.


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