Friday is the First Annual BACKUP DAY!

This is a public service announcement.

Last year on October 3rd, I decided to download Redhat's new OS with the cool new Bluewave UI and couldn't wait to try it out on my Dell using a back up hard drive. You can see the article here:

My Life as a Cautionary Tale

What happened was that I forgot to swap drives, and instead wiped my working Windows hard drive off the map, erasing 8 months worth of work, emails, etc. from the last time I backed up. It was pretty devastating.

So from now on, Oct. 3rd is Back Up Day! Yes! Use this post as a reminder to go grab an extra CD-R and go burn a copy of your valuable folders. It'll take all of 20 minutes and you can hang out in #mobitopia while you're doing it and chat.

Go on. Do it now. I am... You'll thank me some day.


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