You know, packing up your technical books is really like storing a bunch of broken promises. "I'm going to learn Symbian programming inside and out!" I said enthusiastically at one point, along with PalmOS... and Python and Cocoon, Weblogic, Java Security, Design Patterns, etc. All of these good intentions starting with a quick trip to the bookstore to stock up on the right manuals.

And now most of the books are going into a box, all about 1/3rd read and even less understood, that "someday" when I was going to get back to them long passed by... Very sad, really. Actually, I picked up the Series 60 book again and thought that it might be nice to try again since I've been getting calls and emails for Symbian jobs in the U.S., but that's just not going to happen in the short amount of time before I go back so... Into the box. I missed that window of opportunity.

God, I can barely lift the box... I'll never ship this thing home, it'd cost more than the books themselves. Well... maybe not. I didn't come to Spain with books, so all of these were bought at a premium price that you pay here for English language tech books. I wonder if I should try to sell them. Hmm...


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