Google Tightens The Screws

Check out this comment I just received on the Google post:

You may be interested to know that as of yesterday Google added a #17 to their TaC:

"#17 Miscellaneous. Except as required by law, You may not, without Google's prior written consent, issue any press release or make any public statement about the subject matter of this Agreement or use or display any Google logo or trademark in any manner (except as otherwise provided to You by Google as part of an Ad Unit)." (etc.)

This TaC change greeted me when I logged into AdSense today. I did not click the "accept" button and will probably remove AdSense from my site.

Posted by Anonymous Adsense User

Wow. Not much more to add right now. But is that amazing or what? Hi Google, glad you're reading my blog. Do the words "class action" mean anything to you?


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