Ode to the Kreme


I'm going to gain *sooooo* much weight. More pics here.

San Francisco was great today. It was of course packed but Matt and I finally found each other around 3 p.m. (we were going to meet at 1 p.m.) but that's when the Blue Angels started their show, so we didn't miss anything. Then Matt recapped Camp Foo and we wandered around a bit and I showed him my old 'hood. It was a good afternoon - and the weather was absolutely perfect.

Afterwards I headed home and saw the light. Literally. How can you *not* follow the light? I don't know wtf I was thinking, either. I walked out of there with a dozen donuts. I'm not going to eat more than one tonight. I just lost my mind.

I'm so jetlagged. Bed very soon.


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