Weblogs and Job Hunting

Hey, so I just had my first interview and it went really well. It seems that I was somewhat pre-approved because of this weblog which many of the people who interviewed me today had already read. That's pretty cool if you think about it and makes perfect sense. I wrote in this post back in April: "Someday when you go somewhere to get hired, the first thing the employer will do is read your weblog to see what type of person you are and judge you by the quality of your thoughts." Well, it seems that someday is now. Even though I just showed up today, the interview definitely had a second-stage type feel to it. A lot about me was already known.

Right before I left the interview I broached the subject of my future weblogging. I've signed an NDA, but if I start working there, I don't want to have to completely stop writing about mobile technology because they happen to be in that space. Work + weblogs is a topic that's been discussed in a variety of places, and I think that Ray Ozzie's corporate weblog policy is perfect. But I think the two-edged sword of a weblog when *looking* for work hasn't nearly been talked about as much. A weblog will definitely help you get that interview and an offer, but then employers could be (rightfully) wary of having a weblogger in their midst afterwards. Especially on projects that are sensitive enough to warrant an NDA (though here in Silicon Valley, which project *doesn't* have one?).

Obviously, I personally feel that webloggers would be a boon to any job. When I have a problem about something, first I use Google then I use my weblog and it usually works perfeclty. Companies large and small also benefit from the transparency and word of mouth that a weblogging employee gives to the company: We all like when we see the face behind the bland corporate front. But then again, that's not the "offical" face so I could forsee some company's having a problem about it.

Anyways, I'll find out more tomorrow on this subject. If I don't blog about mobile technology for a while, you'll know why. :-)


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