Happy Thanksgiving!


We stayed at home for Ana and Alex's first American Thanksgiving instead of making the long trek down to LA for Thanksgiving with my brother and his wife's family (22 people going to that dinner!). After heading to the park with Alex this morning, we spent several hours today cooking all the traditional (at least in my house) fixings and then chowed down while Alex was napping. Wow... that's the best meal I've had in months, maybe years. Beats another dinner at Friday's in Madrid hands down. Butternut squash is soooo good, no?

We had to go to Whole Foods last night and beg the counter guy for a turkey because it was so last minute. The local Safeway didn't have anything left except for frozen fully-cooked turkeys... YUK! We ended up getting a 13 and half pound turkey, 13 pounds of which is now in our fridge. We're going to be eating turkey for a while here in the Beattie household.

Anyways, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving too!


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