Show Us Your Tree!


I was admiring our Christmas tree this morning, when I decided to take a snap and put it online. We bopped down to the lot the other day and picked this guy out with little fanfare, but it ended up being a really nice tree this year. We've had little guys while in the small apartment in Madrid, so this is our first *big* tree. There's not a lot of variety in the ornaments becuase I had to buy everything from scratch (at IKEA, of course), but it's not too bad. It's definitely pretty at night. I must give credit where it's due of course, I was feeling Grinch like in the past few days and didn't feel like decorating the tree after we got it, so Ana gussied it up yesterday while I was at work... she did a good job. Now I need to pop some popcorn and string it up... maybe some candy canes and she'll be done.

Okay. So where's your tree (or whatever symbol you choose for your holiday cheer)? Let's go, I want to see the pics!


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