mMode on the Nokia 6600

In case you don't know, Nokia changed the Access Point settings in the Nokia 6600 so that the normal 7650/3650/N-Gage settings for MMS and WAP gateways don't work on the new phone. From what I've read in the forums, this has to do with the new default browser is S60 v2 not being able to work with anything but a WAP2 gateway. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but it sounds good.

It took a few weeks for Google to cache it, but here's the Howard Forums thread which explains how to get mMode (WAP) up and running on your Nokia 6600 if you happen to have one and are using AT&T Wireless as your carrier here in the U.S. The details:

connection name: "your preference"
data bearer: gprs
access point name: proxy
user name: none
prompt password: no
password: none (as in save it blank)
authentication: user preference
homepage: http://home

""advanced settings""
phone ip address: automatic
primary name server:
second name server:
proxy serv address: <<-- Thats what did it!!!
proxy port number: 8080

Thank you *very* much Mr. Ali_n1, you *rule*.

Now I have to figure out how to get MMS working and I'll be all set. It's a similar set of information, I'm sure. The MMS server should be listening on a certain ip/port just like the WAP server, I'm just not sure what it is. The original 3650 gateway settings were .10 and .250 for the WAP and MMS respectively, which has nothing to do with the .54 shown above. Maybe I should use my PC to access the internet via EDGE like I did the other day and do a nmap scan on everything in 10.250.250.* and see what it pulls up? That may do the trick (and may get me banned as well? ;-)


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