Nokia's Content Syndication Program


Wow! After bitching about how Microsoft had enough clue to include an RSS feed of their mobile developer info and the rest of the mobile manufacturers and carriers didn't, Rafe clued me in in my comments to Nokia's Content Syndication Program. All I have to say is *wow*.

All of Nokia's documents, announcements and toolkits are available via a bunch of different RSS feeds, or in one uber-feed. Though I think Nokia has a relatively nice developer site, it can be hard to find what you're looking for or keep up with their announcements. But not now... yowza. That "Documents (all)" feed is insane, everything they've published for the past year. Just going over some of the most recent docs gives me info-overload, seeing 250 links show up in my aggregator just about blew my mind. When I discovered this link to a shared folder with *all* their documents I just about had an attack of sorts.

If I have one complaint - and trust me, I'm very happy with this find - it's that Nokia relies way too much on PDFs and not regular HTML. It makes linking to interesting bits harder and forces me to pay attention and right-click to "save as" since Firebird seems to ignore my admonitions against opening up Acrobat links inside the browser. But beggars can't be choosers, so I'll deal with it. At least these are direct links to the PDFs so I don't have to go through the normal step download process to get to the document!

There's sooooo much to be gleaned from Nokia's site it's incredible. I'd love to be able to just spend a few weeks just going over all the documents in detail. For example, this new presentation Music, video, streaming contents services Demand in Asia Pacific has a ton of facts about current mobile data services world wide:

  • Approx 1 billion SMS/day globally
  • Mobile ring tones are already a USD 3-5billion business
  • UK ring tones market will overtake the CDs singlesmarket 2003
  • UK: over 780 million WAPpage impression /month in June 2003 (130% growthin 9 months)
  • Est~10 millionmobile Java downloadsglobally / month in June 2003
  • Over 75 operators have launched mobile Java services
  • Over 140 operatorshave launched MMS(Aug 2003)
  • mmo2 reportsapprox 5 MMS /monthsper active user
  • Over 20 operatorshave launched mobile video content services (MMS video, streaming)

And that's just one slide on one PDF. Nice job Nokia!


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