Ode to a Window at Work (Redux)


If you've been reading my weblog for a while, you've probably run across my lifelong quest for a window seat at work. You know, a seat with an actual window to look out at. And you probably know of my disappointment in not being able to actually have one. You people who actually keep a job for more than 3 months at a time are probably wondering what the hell I'm talking about, but anyone who's a consultant or has switched jobs recently *knows*.

It's a general rule in corporate life that if you're the new guy, you get the crappiest desk that's available, behind the last guy. If you're a consultant? Well, you get to sit where ever the hell the client wants to put you, which is usually in the darkest, dampest, most miserable corner there is. When I got here at my current job I was just a consultant type and was over in the farthest corner they have here (with a broken chair and everything). Then they warmed up to me a bit and I got to sit in a vacant desk left by an employee on sabatical. That was great, then Chris had his last day in the office and I asked (read: begged, pleaded and whinged) if I could have his place with the window. My coworkers took pity on me (thanks guys!) and here I am! An ACTUAL WINDOW SEAT!

Here's a 3GP video with a little first person perspective of my new window seat. It's morning, so it's still a little dark, but later, the whole patio area will be full of light. Ahhh.

Ahhhh... Now if only the window wasn't hermetically sealed. Some day, I swear, I'm going to have an office on the beach, with a view and windows that open up so I can hack away all day long, but still see the sun and smell the fresh air. Some day... until then, I'm happy with light and trees.



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