Wouldn't it be nice in Windows XP to be able to just double-click on a .war or a .jar file and just have it open up into a folder for viewing with the option to extract the files like a normal .zip file? One of the best thing about XP is the integrated zip file support, but it's tied to the file extension.

Up until now, to get into .*ars to look around, I've just changed the file extension so Windows recogniized it as a zipped file, and then changed it back after if need be. Finally, it dawned on me today to just do a little registry hacking and I could save a bunch of time and effort... So I opened the .zip registry key, exported it, opened it with a text editor, changed the .zips to .wars and then copied it again for .jars and saved it.

Here is ar2zip.reg which you can download then right-click and merge into XP's registry and *poof* all those *ar files are now clickable/extractable.

Whew. Should've done this months ago.


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