Stress Monkey


In case I haven't been particularly clear, I'm going *insane* right now because I'm speaking at O'Reilly's Emerging Technology Conference next week, and then on the 15th my company is going to be launching the product I've been working on at DEMO 2004. I'm woefully underprepared for both.

If you haven't heard of DEMO, it's where a bunch of products were first launched including the Palm and Java 1.0. It's got a very peculiar setup (read: lots of rules) where the representatives of the company are basically in the spotlight for a six minute presentation, and then are available to press for the entire rest of the time. I've been through "media training" last week and we're creating marketing materials and honing our message, etc. just for the event. Chris Shipley - the founder and producer of DEMO - was here last week and we got to pick her brain a bit which was cool.

Anyways, I'm under a ton of pressure to get stuff ready for both the demo and launch. Things have to work, look good, etc. and I personally have to be on the ball as well to be able to answer questions from VCs and reporters. It's pretty exciting. It's stressful, but a hell of a lot better than working in some windowless cube in Madrid, I'll tell you that.

Anyways, if you've noticed a sharp decrease in both the frequency and length of my posts lately, this is why. My brain is just about tapped out. Give me a couple weeks and things will be better.


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