Elvis has left the conference


Whew! Back home from the conference. The presentation seemed to go well - I was prepping up to the very last minute - I survived and most people didn't walk out, so that's nice. Now it's on to DEMO.

I was actually going to be home a bit earlier tonight, but Matt, Ewan and I got a chance to hang out and have dinner with Janne Jalkanen and Christian Lindholm from Nokia for a bit which was a real treat, so I stuck around and caught the last flight out to SF.

Interesting conference - too bad I wasn't there to get a longer impression, but boy it seemed like there were some serious pecking orders there. There were some people who seemed mobbed at all times. I guess that's normal, but hey, I'm new to this uber-geek-networking stuff. I mean, I was banished in Madrid until just recently...



Thanks to Matt for taking some action shots of the presentation on his Moblog!

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