What to do about EV1?

This website is hosted at EV1Servers.net, which used to be called RackShack. I get an incredible deal: My own dedicted Redhat box on a massive pipe and 700GB of bandwidth a month for $100. With all the little extras like control panel and DNS management as well. I think it's a fabulous deal, and I've looked around. The box has been solid, the service reliable and generally been a good deal.

However, the thing with SCO *really* annoys me. Are there competitors to EV1 out there that provide similar cost/performance/bandwidth? I hate to be fanatical, but licensing Linux from SCO just gives more money and some sort of precedent to SCO which disgusts me.

Speaking of server moves, I've decided to consolidate all of my domains under GoDaddy.com. It cost me $150 to do it, but extends all the names I have for a year and will make maintaining and adding them all much easier/cheaper. The process of moving domain servers is definitely painful and not always successful. You can't move domains you've registered in the past 60 days (MobKnowledge.com and 3GP.us) and I have to go through each domain and give permissions in a variety of obtuse ways (OpenSRS wants me to put in the unique password they sent me and my phone number in every time I approve a request). Urgh. It's going to be another several weeks, I bet, before the dust is settled. I've actually not moved RussellBeattie.com or Mobitopia yet because I want to make sure everything else has moved correctly first. Then we'll do the final move. I think it's ridiculous you can't define a nameserver for a pending domain name so that the instant it does move over, you don't have any downtime. Dumb.

Anyways, any suggestions for another hosting company on par with EV1?


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