Small World Story no. 42

So the other day I wrote a really quick post with links to some eMarketer graphs, Google snagged it and suddenly I'm now pretty highly ranked for searches on that company. (How broken is that?) What happens next? Well, I just got this in my email:


It's me...your old college roommate. I work for eMarketer. I create the charts and do the layout for all of the reports. I can't believe that's you. WHAT'S UP with you?

- Dana

LOL. My first college roomate at Keene State in New Hampshire! It's been what, over 10 years since we lived together - amazing. Anyways, I'm sure he saw my face and was like "WTF?" I know that guy! Dana was in the journalism program with me and a fellow Equinox alum, so I'm sure it won't take much for him to understand my need to write here on a weblog.

Weblogs are so amusing sometimes...


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