Ignorant Journalists

I just got this in my email:


Hi - saw your postings on the web... I am a british journalist based in London. do you have any contacts for Batsuna members?

[Contact Info Removed (I've calmed down)]

First of all, I decide what gets published on this site, thanks. If you want something offline, then you email and *ask*, not assume that there's some sort of trust between us that isn't there.

Secondly, why in the world would I fucking have any connections to Batasuna members? This is your version of good journalism? See some random post by an American on the web who happened to live in Madrid and ask if they have contacts to an outlawed Political Party in Spain? Are you insane? Now I know why SkyNews doesn't have that great of a reputation.

No wonder weblogs are becoming the primary source of news for many people.


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