Now that I've gotten that last post off my chest it's time to think about what else to write about (to the 50% of you who are left reading this blog).

It's a nice day out today, though a little chilly. I need a haircut. I've got a to-do list that's running off the page. Anyone have any experience (not guessing, I can do that) with English as a Second Language (ESL) programs in San Francisco? Probably not...

Now that I've moved servers, I'm trying to finally get the code for this site redone and I'm re-thinking all this JSTL stuff now that I have a few dozen pages or so of tags to maintain at work. Is XMLish spaghetti code interspersed with Expression Language syntax ${like this} better to maintain than Java-ish spaghetti code? You haven't butchered XML yet until you've written an href tag with x:out tag in the attributes. It just makes you cringe to write it. And the editors... They have no idea what to do with that sort of line noise.

And despite my move to Tomcat 5 for it's JSP 2.0 support, I'm actually not using any of those new features (like .tag files and native EL support) because I'm worried about having to move to another app server and not having that support.

Anyways, too much to do and too little time.


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