UrlRewriter Goes 1.0!

Woohoo! UrlRewriter is 1.0! I just *love* this library so much, I wanted to give Paul Tuckey some more link love for it. Thanks to Ken who gave me the heads up in my comments that it went 1.0 today. Fantastic. Now I have to go through every web app I've created in the past few months and upgrade.

In case you missed my earlier post about it, the library is a Servlet Filter which mimics Apache's mod_rewrite functionality. You define an XML document which has regex expressions that are compared against the Urls and then forwarded or redirected to the appropriate servlet or JSP for processing. You can also do comparisions against HTTP headers and other flags - it's insanely well done. Check out the online manual for more info.

I'm using the filter as an agile controller to completely separate the URL from the back end web app. Why do my web users need to know that my server uses .jsp tech at all? It's really well done and insanely useful. Definitely grab it and use it in your next Java web app.

Great job Paul! Thanks!


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