Personal Broadcasting: Commuting Thoughts

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Here's my thoughts recorded on the new Nokia 7610 loaned to me by Christian Lindholm (THANKS!). It's a 6MB video in 3GP format - you'll need the latest version of Quicktime to view it.

I hadn't messed with the settings when I recorded the video, so it cuts off around 15 minutes. Had I spent 30 seconds with the phone first, I would've been able to set it to save the video to the 64MB Reduced Sized MMC card that the phone came with for over 2 hours of higher-quality video. Instead I just used the default which used the phones local memory storage instead with lower-quality video. My bad. Also Christian wanted me to note that this is pre-production version of the phone, so the image quality, etc. is not optimized yet.

The first person to transcribe the video in my comments gets a prize. :-)


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