Jen Chapin


Do you know who Harry Chapin is? He sang Cat's in the Cradle and some other great tunes (The Rock, Taxi, etc.). He died in a car crash in 1981 - I didn't discover him until almost a decade later. The double CD that's available of his work is really great. And he was very progressive as well - very cool guy.

I was listening to NPR yesterday and heard this review of his daughter's new album Linger and I was astounded. I didn't realize Harry had a daughter, let alone one that sung. I guess she did some other things for a while (a teacher) before going to Boston's Berklee School of Music and pursuing a singing career. Jen's got a website with samples you can check out.

I just bought it online and am liking it a lot. Cool music, thoughtful lyrics. Definitely worth the cash if you're into it. A little Googling and I found video of her singing as well. Pretty cool - not like her Dad's music - but still definitely pretty nice. Listen to the NPR review for more details...


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