Nokia 6600 Data Products


I just noticed a couple interesting things while checking out Nokia USA's website. First, isn't it cool that you can buy phones online from the US site? Why can't we do the same from Nokia's Global (European) home page? Say what you want about the American mobile world, but we're still the hippest when it comes to eCommerce.

Secondly, I was looking to see if there was still a discount of some sort if you bought a 6600, but without a contract (doesn't look like it) when I noticed these MMC application cards pictured above being sold. This is very, very interesting! I've never seen these cards before. I've never even seen these *apps* before. Atari Retro? Speaking Translator? Rock on! I'm going to have to get my hands on these babies!

Some Googling turns up that a couple of these cards at least come from a company called Mobile Digital Media or MDM - they produce SD software cards for Palms, but seem to be branching out now, which is great, and Nokia USA is including them in the 6600 accessories listings online. It turns out that the Atari Retro pak aren't the arcade games, but the home console instead (ugh...). But the other apps seem to be very cool. I actually got a free Sega game-pak for the Palm on an SD card a long while ago from these guys for signing up to their mailing list. I wonder what happened to that? It must be getting caught as spam or something, because after I got my free game, I never heard anything else. I would've been very excited to see Symbian cards being sold if I knew!

Another cool thing about this company? They're in Mountain View! I'll have to see if I can get them to come to BAMF.



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