Qualcomm Hits 3 Year High


QCOM hit $71.55 today. Damn, don't you wish you were listening to me last August?

But it's hard to bet against this company right now. They're going to derive revenue from every single 3G phone and piece of equipment on the planet. They also earn 10% of every BREW application sold, which could be some serious cash if that platform takes off with the 3G chipsets its bundled with. So even though I have *no* experience in C++ and am thinking Symbian is the platform to beat, BREW calls to me like star quarterback of top ranked football team. You just want to be on the receiving end of that pass...

Okay, that was just a strong hint. You really have no excuse since this post in January.

3G == Qualcomm. Everyone will be using 3G sooner than later. That means everyone's buying from the big Q. ... If I had any to pony up, I'd put my money on that horse even still.

You still got time, baby. I've seen estimates topping out around $75 just recently, but I'm thinking it'll be $100 by the end of the year when Wall Street suddenly realizes what's happening in the mobile world.

This time the enthusiasm won't be irrational.


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