WOOHOOOOO! In case you haven't heard, AT&T Wireless launched UMTS/WCDMA 3G services today. And unlike other "launches" this is a real-live, you can go down to the store and buy a new 3G phone today, honest-to-goodness, launch!

I just picked myself up a Motorola A845. Yes, it's huge, but it's *packed* with features. Not only 3G data (all-you-can eat for $24.95 a month*? I'm in heaven), but also AGPS, two cameras (for video conferencing), Bluetooth, MP3 Playback, integrated Real Player 3GP (MPEG4) Video, MIDP 2.0 Java and more. It's a *fantastic* device. Huge, but fantastic.

Actually, it's not as big as those Moto phones that came out for Three in the U.K. last year, it's pretty manageable. I *really* can't wait until I have a Nokia 6630 in my hands (permanently) to play with all this cool-ass data.

W00T! More later as I play!


* Tethering data usage is not included in the $24.99 Unlimited mMode plan. Unlimited service only applies to email, Internet and intranet access on a UMTS phone. Connection to another device via cable, Bluetooth®, or infrared will be charged $0.001/KB.

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