Mobile Video Redux


Mobile Video is going to be the killer app. It is *so* compelling. Screw the nay-sayers who go on about postage-stamp sized screens, etc. This is going to be a killer use for next gen networks. It'll be the *reason* to buy the phone (the definition of a killer app). Think about all the time being spent on Tetris right now and replace that with streaming MTV and you get what I'm talking about.

Also in reverse. Taking video with your mobile then posting it online is going to be huge as well. It goes back to my Personal Broadcasting mantra I repeat over and over again. With a $300 UMTS phone and a free Blogger account, suddenly everyone's a Live From The Scene Reporter. There's been many times in our history where people were able to publish to the masses - even before desktop publishing was big. Think about those old high-school "ditto" machines. But broadcasting? Distributing video and sound out to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people? Very few people in the history have had that ability until now. Look out Ted Turner, here comes the real 24/7 news.

And even less ambitious uses are insanely compelling. Mobile video means no more searching for the camcorder when the kid does something cool. No more "Say hi to Nana... no, no. Say hi. Say hi. Hmm. he was talking a minute ago." Instead it's all captured and sent in a blink of an eye, or streamed live while you chat. This stuff is *cool* and its *here*

We need mobile media services quick! I want my TiVo streamed to my phone! I want a real-time Real and WMV to 3GP conversion server! I want XM Radio, but over WCDMA! I want a video conference with the iChat A/V guys! I want to have access to all media! Now! Ever see that commercial where the guy walks into an old hotel and asks about what stations they get and the lady says something like "We have every station, movie, television show and play ever created." Yeah! That's what I want! Now! In my hand!

Are you with me!? :-D


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