Sleeping Better and Blogging More

Ahh. I'm *really* quite happy with the moderated comments. I've been dreading waking up in the morning and wondering what sort of crap I was going to find strewn about my weblog, but now that's done, thank goodness. It's so nice to go to bed and not worry about my site being overrun by the idiots. So far I've been able to catch a few asian comment-spams, more than a few anonymous abusive commenters and a Republican troll. Sooooo nice.

My blog. My comments. Fantastic. I really think the next step is to implement trackbacks. I don't think I really saw the need before - I must have passed some invisible barrier into the next level of blogging. I'm so glad I didn't just cut comments outright, though, I think getting constructive feedback is part of what makes this blog so fun and useful. I just was getting frustrated at having to wade through that crap every morning.

Okay, so now that the comments are under control, I'm going to start blogging more. Another little Blog Crisis averted. A "Blog Crisis" is my name when regular bloggers start wondering why they put so much time and effort into blogging and start to post less - classic signs are "hiatus" or "I'm taking a break" or just posting less and less often. For better or for worse, weblogs affect your life, mostly in a positive way, but there's no denying that a bunch of negative feedback can make you wonder why you bother. Even just one guy being a nuisance can make you say "why am I dealing with this crap?" Getting my blog back under my control is a huge step to getting rid of that frustration and clearing out the writer's block. Trust me, I smile a nice big grin every time I click a button and wack one of those idiot commenters. So Fun!

Anyways, I've got a backlog of thoughts waiting to go. When this happens I call it Backlogging. I never seem to catch up. The best time to blog a thought is when it hits you, not five days later. But then it's just there floating and you want to get it out, but the ideas and the writing never have that energy as when they're fresh out of the oven of your mind. So I'm going to do some Backlogging now, but they probably won't be as good as spur-of the moment posts.

Then hopefully, I'll get back to my regularly scheduled blogging cycle. Let's hope.


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