MP3 Blogs and Cowardice

So there's a new trend out there of "MP3 Blogs" which I've *just* discovered (I know, I'm way behind) where each post is a review of some sort of song, and then a link to a download of the song itself. There's even a MP3 Blogs Aggregator. Wow.

The review thing is neat, but I have to say I thought of posting MP3 to blogs years ago but never had the cajones to try it. I remember very specifically, the first time I started reading Simon's blog when I saw the "now listening to" lines a the bottom of his posts, thinking, "I want to *hear* that song! I wish it was a link..." But even then, the couple times I've linked to songs on this blog, I've made sure I've linked to other sites.

Yeah, I'm a coward.

Not that I'm going to start linking to my MP3 collection in defiance of my own yellowness... I'm just admitting it, that's all. I mean, breaking into my own iTunes files is one thing, but posting ripped songs on your own weblog? Nonono, sorry. When the crackdown comes, I'll be hanging out over here thanks.


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