Bloglines Mobile Trick


The star of Foo camp was definitely Bloglines - everyone was using it. I happened to get a moment with Mark Fletcher, founder of Bloglines and expressed both my undying loyalty and joy at using his product, but also some of my frustrations with it as well. Opera + Bloglines is a mobile killer app. It's so good. But it doesn't work with my phone's default browser for some reason - the cookies just aren't being set so you can't log in. (It was very cool to be able to report a bug like that to the source. ;-) )

But while I was showing Mark his app on my phone, he gave me a tip that I didn't realize. My email address is obscenely long, so typing it into the email/password box is a pain. He gave me the heads up that you can actually use your "blog id" if you've set it up. That way it can be much, much shorter. I just changed mine to "russb" and my password is a bit shorter as well (and more mobile friendly) that's going to make logging in via my mobile (when the cookie expires in Opera) a breeze.

Thanks Mark! I look forward to future success of Bloglines!


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