Bay Area Mobility Forum on Saturday, Sept. 25th!!


Wow time flies... I almost forgot to post about this. The Bay Area Mobility Forum is having it's second get together this Saturday. Here's the details:

Topic: Under the covers with BREW application development
Presentation by Ray Rischpater

  • When: Sat September 25th, 2:00pm
  • Where: Dimension 7 Studios, 150 Folsom Street, San Francisco
  • Who: Anyone interested in mobile and telecom
  • Cost: $10

Ray expects to speak for about an hour, with lots of time for Q&A after, and general conversation among the group for anyone that wants to hang around. We have to leave the space by 6pm, and there are a couple local places for a beer or dinner after if people want to continue.

Ray is Chief Architect at Rocket Mobile, a BREW focused mobile software publisher and professional services company. He is MIDP 2.0 literate and is about to publish a book on Symbian software development (he has already published the definitive book on BREW). He will be able to provide a little 'compare and contrast' between these mobile app platforms.

Check out the BAMF Blog for more info about Ray's publications, etc.

We had around 25 or so people last time, I'd love to continue building this momentum, if you can come, we'd love to have you. After the session last time we had a great opportunity to hang out and chat and it was really fun. Hopefully this time my throat won't hurt as much!


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